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this tumblr in dedicated to two my freaking life examples, ♡ demetria devonne lovato and destiny hope cyrus
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Interviewer: "Who is Lauren kissing under the mistletoe?"
Camila: "Me!"

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While i was in St. Thomas I saw a cat with the craziest eyes on the side of the road.

I feel like if there was a cat that could see into the future, it would be this cat.

did that cat drop acid?

is that Koscheck before he got his levitating powers..?

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residentscientistcarlos replied to your post:
can u make this rebloggable im cring

here u go

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108-111/100 gifs of camren

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#otp: mine's lauren #laurenj #camilac #5h #5h13 #hatour

#1YearOfFifthHarmony: One year of America's next big sensation; One year ago, Lauren Michelle Jauregui, Karla Camila Cabello, Dinah Jane Hansen, Allyson Brooke Hernandez and Normani Kordei Hamilton was formed as a group by Simon Cowell and they went to the judges house. They went 3rd place on the second season of The X Factor and they already released two singles. So proud of you, girls!

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My two favorite people in the whole world

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tbh or not tbh


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